Church Service Update





Don’t forget to join us for our weekly midweek teaching service every Thursday at 6:30pm. Invite a friend, let’s study the word of God together in harmony. We are delighted to have you worship with us

God still does miracles. There will be an atmosphere of intense prayer and prophetic ministrations. If there is a man to pray, then there is a God to answer. Let’s meet every Friday for hour of opportunities at 9:00am at God’s Tabernacle of Praise, Madina, Firestone

The Word of God leads, guides and directs. Hence, as a believer, you need to constantly spend time with other believers to hear from God and receive instructions. We look forward to worshiping with you at our Sunday service as our Senior Pastor, Reverend Dr. Ebenezer Adjei leads us to worship and express our corporate thanksgiving as a spiritual community to thank God for the many blessings of life.