The Presbytery is referred to as the Executive Board. It is the highest policy making and decision making body of the Church. Its decisions are binding on all GTP branches. The presbytery has the power to appoint the next General Overseer, 1st Deputy General Overseer and Second Deputy General in the absence of the Founding General Overseer.
It is composed of three permanent members (The General Overseer, 1st General Overseer , 2nd General Overseer) and at least four Senior Associate Ministers nominated by the Pastoral Council and Approved by the General Overseer.

Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees serve as an advisory body to the Presbytery

General Pastoral Council
The General Pastoral Council shall be responsible for the selection of candidates (GTP or non-GTP members) for ordination for approval by Executive Board. It shall be responsible for the selection of candidates for Presbytery for approval by General Overseer. It shall also be responsible for promoting the welfare of ministers as well as developing growth strategies for the Church. It has the power to set up a disciplinary committee which will address disciplinary issues that has to do with Pastors of the Church.
It is composed of all Pastors of God’s Tabernacle of Praise.

Regional Pastoral Council
Regional Pastoral Council shall be established in each region which shall not necessarily coincide with the political Region. The council shall be composed of a Regional Overseer and all District Supervising Ministers in the region. It shall have the power to review decisions of the District Pastoral Council, co-ordinate and plan strategies for the growth of the Church in the Region.

District Pastoral Council
This shall be established in every district and shall be composed of Ministers of the local assemblies in the district. It shall assist the District Supervising Minister in work of God. It has the power to co-ordinate, and plan strategies for growth of the church in the District. Local Assemblies in the District shall organise joint programs, exchange pulpits, organise joint service and any other thing which will foster unity and growth of the Church in the District.

Local Church Council
This shall be made up of Pastors, duly elected Deacons and Deaconesses and all heads of Departments and Ministries in the Local Assembly. It shall act as a policy formulating organ of the Local Assembly.