Rev Ebenezer Adjei

Rev. Dr. Ebenezer Adjei

The Senior Pastor of G.T.P, Rev. Ebenezer Adjei, is a serious ministry minded person. He does not at all toy with the things of God. He is a consistent person, holding on to Biblical principles of perseverance and faithfulness in the Christian faith and ministry. He has a heart for the unsaved thus resulting in his frequent person-to-person soul winning outreaches.  He believes that everybody is a potential candidate for the kingdom of God.

Rev. Ebenezer Adjei also has a great passion for ministering to the body of Christ and this has resulted in him knowing almost everyone in his congregation. He associates with every church member and even visitors freely and has the grace to make people feel at home. The Senior Pastor, blessed with a music ministry by the Lord, combines preaching with singing to make the presentation of the gospel touching to hearts that are in despair, to enable them receive hope.

With a notable apostolic ministry, miracles, healings, signs and wonders are a characteristic of his ministry. The HOUR OF OPPORTUNITIES programme which is held every Friday at 9:00am is one of such places to witness these great manifestations of God’s power through his servant. Rev. Ebenezer Adjei never ceases to give God all the glory no matter what God does through him. These and many other unsaid testimonies about Rev. Adjei makes him a rare find in the ministry!

He is married to Rev. Mrs. Margaret Adjei who is the 1st Deputy General Overseer of GTP, and they are blessed with five children.