About GTP

God’s Tabernacle of Praise (G.T.P) is a praise and Bible-believing church founded by Apostle Ebenezer Adjei on 25th July 1993. Our mission is to preach the full gospel to all classes of people while supporting the less privileged with material aid to establish them in the Lord.

Rev. Ebenezer Adjei received directions from the Lord to start the church while fasting and waiting on the Lord earlier in the year.  The church began with morning devotions with his family, and within three weeks, the Church had grown to thirty-nine members. Together, this team – consisting of his wife, siblings, Rev. Francis Addo and a few others – embarked on a three-day evangelism in the Madina-Firestone area from the 22nd to the 24th of July, 1993.

On the morning of 25th July 1993, seventy-five adults and twenty-five children gathered for the first Sunday service of the church. This number included friends and well-wishers who had come to witness and support what God had commissioned him to do. Three Sundays later, the number dropped to about thirty-four members who became the church’s founding members.

The church started under a borrowed two-room canopy with rented chairs. Within five months, a shed was built to replace the canopy. From there, a 500-seater capacity auditorium with a one-level gallery was built, and an adjacent building was used as the church office. Presently, the church is putting up a 1,500-seater auditorium with offices, which will become the church’s headquarters upon completion.

Currently, the Church has seven (7) branches in Ghana and one in Togo. In addition, the church actively runs a pastoral training school to equip young ministers for pastoral work.